Full Guide On How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5!

This guide will focus on rooting Samsung Galaxy S5. As long as you follow the steps presented here, you can root your phone successfully without having to worry of bricking it.


  1. To get started right away, get the needed tools here: Rooting Tools
  2. Then you will need to go to the Settings menu of your phone. Then, tap the System and touch Security option. You must do these steps since the toolkit can’t be found on Google Play Store. On the Security section, scroll down until you find Unknown Sources option. Tap it and touch the Ok button when a message appears explaining about what Unknown Sources would do.
  3. Before you proceed to the next step, make sure that your phone has at least 80% battery. If it’s fully-charged, then that’s better. Although you can still go on with the process of rooting with 50% battery, it would be nice to have extra power in case you’ll need it.
  4. Second thing you have to do is to open your phone’s browser. Go to the hacker’s website – www.towelroot.com. From there, you can download the installer by tapping the lambda symbol. Take note that there’s no “download” button that you can find on that site. The only way to get the installer file is to tap that symbol. It is prominently displayed so you won’t miss it.
  5. The third step is hit the Install button. But this will only appear after the installer has been completely downloaded. Once the installation process is complete, tap the Open button.
  6. Tapping the Open button will lead to the toolkit window. The app’s UI is very simple that the only button that you can find is “make it ra1n.” To start rooting your device, you just have to tap that button.
  7. The process will start as soon as you hit that button. Rooting using this method will only take a few minutes to complete. After it exploits your phone and copy the required files for rooting, your mobile will reboot automatically.
  8. After it has rebooted, the S5 root is now completed. The entire step wouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. However, it will still vary on your expertise.
  9. Now, you may need to verify as to whether or not your phone has been completely rooted. You may download an app that can verify such through Google Play. Confirm it and you’ll realize that your phone’s root file is now accessible.

So again, make sure that you get the needed tools first before starting. Get them here: Rooting Tools

Why root S5?

There are plenty more benefits that you can experience when you root Galaxy S5. But, it is risky. This is especially true for non-techies. But with the simple steps presented above, you’re highly likely to have a rooted phone without the risk of bricking it. To persuade you more into giving this process a try, why not read some of the benefits of rooting your device.

  1. Save space on your phone. Some apps on your phone can’t be uninstalled, even though you are not using them. This is because they are pre-installed by Samsung or your carrier. Unfortunately, they can take a lot of space in your phone’s storage. Getting rid of them is possible only when you root your device.
  2. Have custom ROMs. Why would you like to have custom ROMs in the first place? We can give you tons of reasons but the most important one is that it offers better performance and efficiency. Another essential reason is that you can install apps and save it to your SD card. This ability is not possible with stock ROMs.

If you don’t like the outcome, however, you can always unroot it. But we doubt that you would as rooting it could give you endless possibilities.

CF Auto Root Explained: The Way To Root Galaxy S5!

cfIf you own Samsung Galaxy S5, there are many people in your surroundings that will recommend you to root it. The good news is that even if you never heard about it before, you can do it by following simple guidelines. The bad news is that you will get limitless access to practically everything on your phone, so there is a chance you may spoil something crucial if you don´t know what are you doing.

Let’s assume you decide to root Samsung Galaxy S5 after all, and you are overwhelmed with all the information you found online. There are so many software and so many tutorials you don´t know what to do. Our advice is, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 Lollipop, choose CF Auto Root.

Before you start rooting Galaxy S5, make sure you back up your data, since you don´t want to lose them during the process. Also check the laws in your country regarding rooting. Most countries allow it, but make sure that is the case in your country as well. And finally, be aware that rooting in many cases may void your warranty and think twice is it worth it.

Once you have done all this, you will need your phone, an USB cable you use to connect it to PC, and a PC with Internet connection. Also check is your battery full and don´t use your Samsung Galaxy S5 for anything during the rooting process or you will get into real problems. And now let´s go to the instructions.

  1. First unlock the bootloader of your phone. Turn it off, and turn it on again so that it can enter boot loader mode. You will do that by pressing “Volume up + volume Down” and “Power” buttons in the same time.
  2. Meanwhile, install the Nexus USB driver on your PC. Download the Galaxy S5 CF Root File and extract it.
  3. Connect your phone to the PC, double click “root-windows.bat” and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  4. Have some patience and in the few minutes process will complete. When prompts appear on your phone, click on them. After that, your Samsung Galaxy S5 will reboot automatically. After that, you will find a SuperSU icon in your driver, which means you successfully learned how to root Galaxy S5!

As you can see, this is really a beginners tool. Be careful, since some things you may do with your phone are not for the beginners and it may seriously damage your phone. But, if you are careful, you may enjoy in your better, faster and safer.

After The Galaxy S5 Root: SuperUser

After rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will need a root management app that organizes the root access granting process. The most powerful, user friendly and easiest app of these apps is SuperUser. The app is responsible of giving you the control over apps that require root access. It prompts you whenever an app tries to access root files, and asks you whether to grant the app this permission or to deny it from gaining the access. It works as a doorman; no one gets in my root unless I am told first and agree.


Is it safe?

Well, it is as safe as it can get. The app literally works as a guard; no root access is given to any app without your permission. You can also deny the root access to any app, even if you have granted it to it before. SuperUser is your net when you walk on the ropes, rooting is somehow dangerous due to all malicious apps out there, so if any app got installed with a bundle or something and it ties to gain root access, SuperUser will alert you that a certain app is trying to access root. Then it is up to you to do it or not.

How it works?

When you learn how to root S5, almost every rooting method installs the SuperUser app by default. Without it; there will be no way for you to control which app gets the root access. SuperUser is like the su in Linux operating systems, as android OS is based on Linux kernel. The su –stands for super user-, is the account or the privilege that the administrator use to access the core files of the OS. On android, it consists of 2 parts; the SuperUser apk file and the su binary. The SuperUser apk file is installed on your Galaxy S5 like any other app, and it gives you the ability to have a friendly interface to manage your root apps. Use the SuperUser app to grand or deny root access to whatever app you want, also you’ll find a log section to track apps’ su usage. The su binary is what apps itself use whenever they need SuperUser permissions. The su binary then checks with the SuperUser app’s database, to see if you have already granted the root access to the app. If you haven’t, then it prompts the SuperUser app to display a message on behalf of the root app to ask for the permission.

Why would I need it?

As we mentioned, you need the SuperUser to grant root access to the apps that need to go deep into the core files to operate. But the question is, if my phone is already rooted and any app can get the root access whenever it wants; why would I want to bother knowing? Actually it is a good question, sometimes apps get installed by mistake or as a bundle with other apps. Some of these apps may be malicious or malware or even a virus, it can use your information or hack into whatever account you are using on your phone; including finances of course. Here is what SuperUser is all about; just letting you know that a certain app needs root access. If you have installed the app yourself then no problem, grant the access no questions asked. If you haven’t installed the app and you know nothing about it, then you are indirectly alerted and you can uninstall it.

What apps would need root access?

Now to the fun part, knowing which apps need your root access is just another way to learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S5. Whenever an app asks for root access, it uses it to be able to reach system’s core files or to control any hardware of your device. For example, some battery saver apps ask for root access so they can reduce the clock speed of your device’s processor when the screen is off. Non-rooted devices can’t give such permission to the app, affecting your ability to save more juice. Another example is backup apps, without root access; the app can only backup the apk file of your application. What if you want to backup the data as well?? If this app is a game, then you don’t want to lose your progress when you transfer the application to another device. You can do this if your device is rooted and of course have the SuperUser installed.

To make a long story short, rooting Galaxy S5 and having SuperUser are inseparable. To survive having root access with minimal risk and problems; make sure to have SuperUser on the device.

CyanogenMod Usage After You Learn To Root Samsung Galaxy S5

CyanogenMod is a community of devoted developers; they work for free for the purpose of enhancing android experience for all users. They are on the verge of establishing CyanogenMod Inc. to be an official front of their work. Developers on the CyanogenMod team are from all over the world, with nothing in common but devotion and enthusiasm to creating a better android system for all Samsung Galaxy S5 users.


CyanogenMod … History 101

For many decades now, we use our household machines without knowing that they are the ancestors of our modern technology. Almost every machine contains a chip that is programmed by the manufacturer; this chip contains basic functions that the machine does. This chip is like a tiny memory that holds information about what happens if a button is pressed or something. The information on this chip is called Firmware, and the name still sticks to any software on a piece of hardware. Recently, the software on android devices is called ROM; which stands for Read-Only Memory. It was called by this name as the manufacturers think that this software can’t be modified or altered by the user. CyanogenMod works with the stock ROM of android, in a way that we’ll see next.

How does it work?

It is as simple as this, whenever Google produces a new android version, it publishes the source code of it and it is available to download. Each manufacturer takes the bare bone android OS from Google and adds its own touch, apps and features and so on to produce the final ROM to be installed on their phones. What CyanogenMod team does is this: they wait till Google officially launches the new OS, examine it; then they modify it and test it on various devices, launch it back to you. Seems like a simple procedure, but no it is not!! Let’s go deeper, to modify the original android OS is to find any app or any function that is not necessary for the user, that might consume more power or processor in the background. It also means to add your own touch of apps and tweaks to improve the overall android experience. The added stuff also includes many theming and interface workarounds. Even after doing all this, you have to be absolutely sure that the new method to learn how to root S5 is flawless; so you have to test it on a huge number of devices before you bring it up to your eager audience.

Why would I want to root my Galaxy S5?

First of all, you have to be sure that CyanogenMod ROMS are spyware/bloatware free. They just increase your OS performance, making it even better than the official Google release. The features included in CyanogenMod include –but not limited to- the following:

  • FLAC audio support
  • Huge APN list (Access Point Name)
  • OpenVPN client
  • Processor overclocking to improve performance
  • Management of app permissions
  • Interface and theming improvements

How can I get it?

It is not so difficult to do the Samsung Galaxy S5 root and to then get Cyanogenmod installed, just go to their website; search for a stable ROM for your exact phone model and number, download it and follow the online instructions. You’ll just have to be aware that you are doing it on your own risk, should anything go wrong; it’s all on you. You can’t blame the CyanogenMod team for anything that happens to your phone. Basically, nothing will go wrong if you get the right ROM and followed the instructions literally. Happy rooting everyone!!

Finalize The Samsung Galaxy S5 Root Using Odin

VGStOThe ODIN rooting tool is a special program designed to unlock Samsung smartphones running the Android operating system. There are different versions of ODIN which include; 3.09, 3.07, 3.06 and 3.10. Each of these versions is compatible with a particular Android OS version.

The ODIN tool is only compatible with Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S5 models. These are Galaxy S5 which run the v4.4.2 (Kitkat) and v4.3 (Jellybean). Any other Galaxy S5 model running a different version other than the ones mentioned cannot be rooted using this tool.

Another important thing you should know is that since ODIN is an original program, it exists in [tar] file extension and not [zip] file extension. This is because its compatible ROMs are officially distributed by Samsung.

How To Root Galaxy S5 using Odin

  • The first step when it comes to rooting S5 is to ensure that you power off your device through holding the VOLUME down, POWER and centre HOME buttons at once till you see a warning icon on your screen. Click on the VOLUME up button to enable ODIN download mode.
  • Connect your Galaxy S5 device to your PC to enable installation of CWM recovery, ODIN and SuperSU zip files. Also ensure that you have the latest Samsung USB drivers. If not, download them as well.
  • Click on ODIN file to start download. A yellow highlighted box will appear as a sign that you successfully applied the method to root S5. Click on the CWM recovery which you had earlier installed in your PC and download it in your device.
  • Your phone will reboot and you will see a PASS command which will notify you that the process was successful. Copy the SuperSU file you had earlier downloaded to your PC in your device.
  • Hold the VOLUME up, HOME and POWER buttons at the same time to power off your device. The Samsung logo will appear. Keep holding but let go the power button. This will switch your device to CWM recovery. Some options will appear where you will be supposed to choose and click the power button continuously. They are; “install zip from memory card”, “choose zip from memory card” and finally “choose O/ directory.”
  • Through a keen follow up of this process, you will have installed the su binaries and SuperSU programs that start rooting Galaxy S5.

Once you restart your device, you will see the SuperSU app which will finally enable you to do everything you have once longed for.

How To Root Galaxy S5 With Towelroot

Towelroot is a rooting tool which was developed by George Hotz aka Geohot. This tool is mainly used for unlocking AT&T and Verizon Android OS devices. Geohot is a famous renowned hacker. He is the primary hacker of the 1st generation iPhone in 2007 and is the same person who was the first to unlock the PlayStation 3 game console to allow users play and install pirated and third party games which are not legalized by Sony.

You should note that, the only Samsung Galaxy S5 device which is compatible with this tool is the AT&T Galaxy S5 Active running the Android v4.4.2 (Kitkat) version.

This brilliant tool actually acts as an “Android bug” since it takes full advantage of the Linux Kernel loopholes. Most of the Linux Kernel older versions were somehow unsecure thus making them prone to vulnerability such as hacking.


When it comes to rooting Samsung Galaxy S5, you should make sure that you are fully aware of the “pros and cons” involved. You should also understand that since your Samsung device is fitted with a KNOX security program, the S5 root will automatically void your warranty.

A tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy S5 using the Towelroot tool

  • The first step is to download the Towelroot program from its official com website and install it in your device.
  • Make sure that you have enabled your device to download programs from unknown sources. You can activate this through clicking on the settings then security.
  • An image will appear in your homescreen. Tap at the centre of the image to initiate download.
  • When the rooting is in progress, you might receive alerts notifying you that the file isn’t safe for download. Ignore the alert and click on install to continue.
  • After a successful rooting process, open the Towelroot app and tap on the button written “make it ra1n.” this command will automatically reboot your device which will be a clear sign of a successful rooting process.

The Galaxy S5 root has been applied successfully, and you will be able to add the latest cool features and apps to customize your device any way you feel. You should also be careful while choosing what to download since you may end up downloading malware or other corrupted apps. You may also fall as a victim of cybercriminals where your device may be hacked and important information accessed.